Corporate Wellness Coach training

Multi-professional support and skills are needed to tackle societal well-being challenges at workplaces. The corporate wellness coach training has been developed in a project supported by the Finnish Work Environment Fund to meet this challenge.

We develop skills

  • Supporting well-being and brain health.
  • Self-management and self-esteem, which have a direct impact on interaction and relationships.
  • Changing routines – giving up and building a new one.
  • To stop and listen to ourselves and others, so that we can see what is important and do the right things more wisely.

We will design the final content together and take your needs and wishes into account, also in terms of training structure.

The delivery of the training is practical

The Corporate Wellness Coach training is structured in two parts:

  1. Basic pillars of well-being ~ 6 months
  2. Promoting well-being at work ~ 6 months

The personal wellness journey, sparring workshops, independent studying and coaching exercises complement each other.

Through experience, insights and working together, we will find the most effective ways to support personnel wellbeing in your organisation. To complete the training in full, participants will need to work for about two days per month.

The basic pillars of well-being include:

  • A personal wellness journey to support your own wellbeing and gain insights from the experience.
  • The wellbeing navigator to develop self-esteem and measure the effectiveness of the project.
  • Firstbeat Life service to identify the areas of stress in the organization.
  • Workshops to test tools for wellness coaching and develop a coaching skills.
  • Meetings with the sparring partner to speed up learning and bring the group closer together.
  • A digital learning environment that complements learning and development through self-paced weekly lectures, supplementary materials and assignments.
  • In-house coaching exercises between workshops.

Our basic pillars of wellbeing themes support wellbeing holistically:

  • Acting as a wellness coach and your own wellbeing
  • Nutrition and weight management (Finnish dietary recommendations) – food rhythm, meal planning, drinks
  • Exercise and daily activity (FAQ Institute physical activity recommendations) – less sitting, varied activity of choice
  • Sleep and recovery – nurturing sleep, different ways to recover
  • A permissive attitude towards life – along with strengths, resources, self-compassion, culture, relationships

Well-being at work themes according to your needs. For example.

  • Basic psychological needs and interaction – recognising your own and others’ needs
  • Meaningfulness – identifying the areas of meaningfulness in work
  • Solution orientation – redirecting energy
  • More productivity – increasing enthusiasm together

Sanoma Wellness Coaches

The activities of the wellness coaches are perceived as important

Feedback from Sanoma’s well-being coaches tells us that

  • Well-being activities are perceived as very important for the work community 4.7 (on a scale of 1-5)
  • In particular, workshops (4.6), coaching meetings and campaigns (4.2) in the work community gave the confidence to continue to implement wellbeing-supporting actions in the future.
  • The training package met the objectives well (4.2) and is recommended to other organizations (4.4).

Read our customer story: Sanoma trained ten corporate wellness coaches for internal use – increasing productivity and joy at work.

Price of the Corporate Wellness Coach training

  • your investment in the well-being of your personnel from 3500 € + VAT/participant
  • group size 10-12

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The Finnish Work Environment Fund has supported our development work

The corporate wellness coach training has been developed in Sanoma Media Finland’s Leadership Promises as promoters of organizational leadership culture, interaction and well-being at work project, supported by the Finnish Work Environment Fund. We have also drawn on the experiences and results of the wellness mentoring projects implemented at the Helsinki Deaconess Institute and Bilot.

The final reports and results of the projects have been published on the websites of the Finnish Work Environment Fund: Sanoma Media Finland (awaiting publication), Deaconess Institute and Bilot.

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