Brain well-being is most important for our competitiveness

Energize Your Brain

Airbus is Europe’s largest aerospace technology company. Authorities and other safety organizations around the world rely on Airbus products and services.

It is essential for the competitiveness and continuity of work of more and more companies that the resources, functioning, and recovery of employees’ brains are in order. The employees of Airbus Defense and Space Ltd. who participated in the Brain Well-Being in the Workplace project supported by the Finnish Work Environment Fund, are experts who work under quality and time pressure in a constantly changing environment. This demands a lot of energy, and the risk of inability to work increases.

BrainID® brain condition measurement combined with LovelyLife® Wellness Coaching Steps in the project motivates to act towards personal and work community goals. The group meetings focused on eating, activity, recovery, and one’s own strengths and resources.

Measured effect

The development project had a measurable empowering effect on the employees involved. BrainMind Audit® profiles showed that total brain resources and well-being in the measured areas moved closer to optimal. The biological age of the brain decreased by an average of almost two years during the six-month project. In particular, the World Health Organization’s Quality of Life Indicator showed an improvement in the perceived physical and mental quality of life.

Experience in participating in the project received a grade of 5.5, on a scale of 1-6. All participants would recommend a similar coaching package to their friends and colleagues.

“The journey was challenging, but without it I would hardly be as confident and resilient here and now to face the future.”

“I wanted to get involved because I needed support and the tools to make a life change. It worked beyond expectations!”

Alisa Yli-Villamo, BrainID® mentor and LovelyLife Ltd. wellness coach and trainer, acted as an expert in the development project.

We have utilized the results, experiences, and feedback of the project so that all of our coaching and training proactively strengthens the well-being of the body and mind, as well as brain health. More information about the project and its results can be found on the Occupational Safety and Health Fund ‘s website.

Anna Saukkoriipi, Senior HR Business Partner Airbus Defense and Space Ltd.

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