Holistic well-being is critical to success

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Fira‘s construction operations are based on demanding project-type work. In Fira Group, we develop and pilot new solutions for the construction industry, for example through technological solutions. Supporting brain well-being and recovery is critical to the success of our work.

The project for supporting the well-being of the brain allowed us to look for new ways to increase the well-being of our personnel. Our operating culture, which supports development and piloting, provided a strong foundation for the experiment. The brain and the BrainID® brain condition measurement also attracted the interest of those who are normally less likely to take advantage of measures for supporting their well-being.

According to the participants’ experiences, the BrainID® brain condition measurement helped to pause and consider one’s own well-being. The measurement also monitored the effects of coaching at the individual level. However, the most important part of the content were group meetings. The LovelyLife® wellness meetings focused on eating, activity, recovery, and personal strengths and resources. Meetings and steps to support well-being motivated participants to work towards personal, and work community goals.

“With the help of the project, I regularly paused to consider my own well-being.”

“Belonging to a group made me feel better, as I noticed others having the same thoughts.”

The COVID-19 pandemic affects the well-being of the brain

The last group meeting took place in March 2020. The BrainID® follow-up measurement occurred at a time when the corona pandemic was intensifying. BrainMind Audit® profiles showed that brain well-being moved closer to optimal in several measured areas. At the same time, the anxiety and fatigue caused by the pandemic in some participants affected alertness, the speed of cognitive and memory functions, and overall brain resources. However, the World Health Organization’s quality of life measure used in the coaching showed an improvement in participants’ perceived well-being.

The experience of participating in the project received a grade of 4.5 from the participants, on a scale of 1-6. Participants recommend a similar coaching package to their friends and colleagues. In addition to the group meetings, the BrainID® brain condition measurement also received positive feedback:

“Fun and useful. The final measurement confirmed that our own choices have had an impact. ”

“It piqued my curiosity. It would be great to come back in two years.”

“Significantly contributed to getting involved.”

Alisa Yli-Villamo, BrainID® mentor, LovelyLife Ltd. wellness coach and trainer, acted as an expert in the development project.

We have utilized the results, experiences, and feedback of the project so that all of our coaching and training proactively strengthens the well-being of the body and mind, as well as brain health. More information about the project and its results can be found on the Occupational Safety and Health Fund ‘s website.

Sylvia Hyry, HR Manager, Fira Group Ltd.

Sylvia Hyry Fira

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