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Vitec AcuteVitec Acute Ltd. is a software company specializing in healthcare information systems, and is part of the Vitec Software Group.

“We build, monitor, and secure the ACUTE patient record system so that our customers can focus on improving the health of their patients.”

ACUTE is the foundation of our business. We work every day for the well-being of our product. We always strive for simplicity because simple is beautiful, and simple solutions last longer. Co-operation and responsibility with customers and partners lead us to success.

Through these same values, I believe that well-being also works: Take care of the basics in life every day and you will think brighter. Strive for simplicity in everything you do, and you will be better off. Listen to and appreciate the people around you.

Pause for a moment to check the direction

In recent years, we have taken big steps as a company. We have carried out long-term development work that has improved the quality of our products, services and operations, while listening to customer needs. We still have a strong desire to take things forward. Sometimes, though, it’s good to pause for a moment to check the direction, consider where we are, and what to do next? It took time to think. Expensive time to waste.

In order to get a clearer picture of the future, we had to first fill our own energy reserves.. We wondered if we could afford this. Still, we decided to give it a try, as our personal well-being is a prerequisite for our success in the future. We also wanted to try to see if we could find a well-being model for our company that could promote resilience at work.

We began the Well-Being for Leaders coaching with BrainID® brain condition measurement. The attitudes toward the measurement were curious, and slightly tense, but the objective knowledge gained of one’s own brain well-being and stressors was a great way to motivate toward change. Everyone, of course, already knew what to do. The coaching has been the key to change really starting to happen.

Well-being into a value of the company through the power of example

Regularly pausing and setting your own well-being at the top of the priority list has gradually become part of everyday life. When you feel good yourself, you are also able to support others better. We have realized how the power of example of individual well-being, and at the same time the well-being of the entire work community can, step-by-step, turn well-being into a key value in the company’s operations. In our industry, where we compete for the best talent, measures to support well-being play an important role in engaging with the company and making recruitments successful.

The structure of LovelyLife® wellness coaching has supported progress. It was surprising to see how regular eating has affected sleep, or increased activity has helped to hold on to other health-promoting choices. Most important has been the experience of meeting with presence. The coaching moments are built taking into account the individual needs of the person involved in the coaching.

“A regular eating pattern equalized blood sugar, improved sleep quality, and eliminated fatigue.”

Experiments, follow-up, and positive challenging have, step-by-step, instilled sustainable, healthy and well-being-friendly operating models in everyday life. There have been dips on the journey; illness, rushes, trips, and parties. That is why it has been important for the coaching to be long enough. After the first half of the year, we have decided to continue our journey with Alisa with the aim of finding a model for developing individual well-being at work in our company.

In addition to eating, activity, sleeping, recovering, our personal resources and strengths, we have also been challenged to develop our business. Alisa’s long personal experience in leadership and business strengthens the connection between well-being, leadership, and business through our meetings.

We can warmly recommend LovelyLife® wellness coaching to everyone.

Janne Vainio, President and CEO of Vitec Acute Ltd.

Janne Vainio

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