A journey into your own self and more meaningful work


The software company Vitec Tietomitta Oy specializes in ERP solutions for the environmental maintenance industry. The environmental sector is growing rapidly, and the relevant laws and regulations are constantly changing. That is why we also develop our services and products to serve our customers as comprehensively as possible.

Our company’s five-member management team has gone through the LovelyLife® Well-being for Leaders coaching. The impulse for the coaching came from a reference received by CEO Tuomas Tokola. We heard how well the coaching had helped Vitec Acute executives improve their well-being and thus their leadership. We wanted to invest in our well-being because it pays for itself in demanding expert work.

Working more meaningful and efficient

With coaching, there has been a better balance between my personal well-being and work. Instead of heavy performing, a more merciful attitude toward myself has emerged. It shows up in work as a better ability to concentrate, and brighter thinking.

As my lifestyle has become more regular, my level of alertness during the work day has risen significantly. Regular meals during the day have helped me focus better at work. Now I also notice the importance of small micro-breaks between different work steps.

A journey into your own self

In a constant hurry, you can lose yourself, and the common thread from whatever you’re doing. It felt good to have my personal challenger asking me just the right questions.

The meetings with my coach were unhurried moments where I was able to reflect on the things important to me.

BrainID® brain condition measurement performed at the beginning of coaching was a very interesting experience. It brought up things I had been aware of before. Still, it was exciting to see the concrete results of the test. Similarly, the Firstbeat measurement gave me concrete data that I could rely on. I had a strong feeling that I wanted to fix these things in my life.

The changes were also reflected in social relations

There have also been some changes in my family’s life with coaching. Among other things, we pay more attention to the healthiness of food and eat better than we had for a long time. We have now also found more time for exercise, which has increased the well-being of us all.

During the coaching, I also woke up to the fact that the maintenance of friendships had been lacking in the daily hustle and bustle. Now I am consciously trying to spend more time with my friends.

Overall, coaching was an important stop for myself, and my life is quite different right now. It is my firm intention to continue these changes.

Toni Poikela, Product Development Director Vitec Tietomitta Ltd.

Toni Poikela Vitec Tietomitta

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