Energize Your Brain Coaching

Energize Your Brain coaching motivates you to take pre-emptive brain health-enhancing little things that suits best to your own life. Every step is important. Sometimes it’s easier to climb those first steps when someone encourages and realizes finding those natural and meaningful ways for you to move forward. Energize Your Brain coaching is an agile way to get moving, the threshold is so low that it’s hard to even see.

Life is full of opportunities to learn new things. Alongside gathering knowledge and skills, you may already be excited to develop your own self-awareness. Coaching is an effective way to find new perspectives, knock out your own patterns of action and thinking, and discover new routes and gain encouragement for experiments that suits to your own life.

The energetic brain benefits everyone

Energize Your Brain Coaching

In addition to you and your loved ones, the well-being of your brain is a prerequisite for the success of your work community and our society.

  • Modifying routines that promote physical and mental well-being frees up your energy to accomplish things that are important and relevant to you.
  • Clarifying your thoughts will increase the productivity of your work.
  • Your self-management skills and self-awareness will increase.
  • You’ll find concrete brain-tuning patterns and tools.
  • Responsibility as an employee and employer becomes concrete actions and the image and commitment of the employer is strengthened.

Coaching activates action

Energize Your Brain Coaching – Choose the two areas that are most important to you:

The price of Energizing Your Brain coaching

  • Your investment in the well-being of your brain € 590 + VAT / participant.
  • OPTION: Four follow-up meetings and information packages on two new themes € 550 + VAT / participant.

You can complete the coaching package if you wish with BrainID® brain condition measurement and / or Firstbeat Life . They support motivation, understanding and act as concrete measures of effectiveness.

Aivot vireeseen -valmennus myös suomeksi

Voit halutessasi täydentää valmennuspakettia BrainID®-aivokuntokartoituksella ja/tai Firstbeat Life -palvelun avulla. Ne tukevat motivaatiota, oivalluttavat ja toimivat konkreettisina vaikuttavuuden mittareina.

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