LovelyLife® Coach Training

LovelyLife® Coach Training – a new beginning for meaningful work. Do you want to feel well and do work in accordance with your values that are relevant to you and the people you meet? In LovelyLife® Coaching it is possible. LovelyLife® Coach Training helps to combine your previous experience with well-being from a new perspective.

NEW from the start of 2024: You will also learn how to deliver the Energize Your Brain Coaching (selected as the 2023 Wellbeing Achievement of the Year) and short Strengthening Brain Wellness Workshops.

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The importance of well-being as an enabler of success is understood in an increasing number of work communities. Numerous studies have shown that success and well-being are thoroughly linked.

The need for incentives, both in and outside the workplace, is enormous. When joining in a growing LovelyLife® Wellness Coach Team you get to do rewarding work, travelling side by side, and supporting people and organizations towards well-being and success.

LovelyLife® Coach Training process

Based on the feedback from our coach training, perhaps the most important part of the training is your own wellness coaching with your very own LovelyLife® Coach. Now you can start your own wellness coaching just when it suits you best and jump into the second phase with the next group of students. You can complete Phases 1 and 2 of the training sequentially, partially overlapping, or at the same time. The choice is yours. Do it with your own well-being in mind and according to your own life situation.

LovelyLife® Coach Training includes

  • Personal LovelyLife® wellness coaching: the 16 week LovelyLife® wellness coaching program, which provides a concrete tool to guide and coach clients.
  • Support of Your own personal LovelyLife® Coach: Personal meetings with LovelyLife® Coach every 2 weeks (startup meeting + 8 follow-up meetings). Your personal coach will support you on your path to well-being.
  • Startup and group meetings with your LovelyLife® Coaches and fellow students.
  • Digital learning environment, weekly lectures, additional material, and exercises online.
  • Weekly lectures, additional material, and exercises online.
  • Support from a nationwide team of LovelyLife® wellness coaches in online discussions, team meetings and one-on-one coachings.
  • Financial and business professional support for the development of your own business.
  • Ready-made structures for well-being lectures and coachings.
  • After graduation, the right to use the LovelyLife® Coach title and LovelyLife® Coach logo on your own marketing material.

In addition, you get:

Wellbeing Navigator to better understand your starting situation and get to know your own natural style. Your training also includes a license to use the TAZ! ® profile and the Wellbeing Navigator.

For more information please read LovelyLife® Coach Training Info or contact You can also call or text +358 45 126 1100 / Alisa, and I’ll contact you soon.

LovelyLife® Coach Training takes your schedule into account

Start your own wellness coaching at a time that suits you. If you wish, you can register for Phase 1 first and decide to participate in Phase 2 later.

Phase 1: Personal LovelyLife® wellness coaching

  • Personal meetings with LovelyLife® coach every 2 weeks, 9 meetings in total.
  • Personal Wellbeing Navigator.
  • Start flexibly at a time that suits you. Duration 4 months.

Phase 1: Your investment in your personal well-being is € 1 195 + VAT (€ 1 482)

Phase 2: Wellness coach studies

  • Online weekly lectures, additional materials and assignments.
  • Group meetings
  • Coaching exercises
  • Training to use Wellbeing Navigator with the client
  • Start with a scheduled study group in Finnish or English. Duration 6 months.

Phase 2: Your investment in wellness coach studies is € 2 255 + VAT (€ 2 796)

BONUS: Register for both phases at the same time. You will save € 225 + VAT (€ 279)!

Your total price when using bonus is only € 3 225 + VAT. (€ 3 999)

Register for the LovelyLife® Wellness Coach Training by completing the LovelyLife® Coach Training Application. Your application is not yet binding to participate in the training, but is our first step in getting to know each other and sparring together for your future.

“Participating in the training of a LovelyLife® wellness Coach has been one of the important turning points in my life. I wouldn’t have dared to even hope for so much of everything new and wonderful in my life until last fall. Training has been a versatile and very intense, where I have got to study online at my own pace and have been in close contact with my personal coach. I got to build my own new, better life path.

The team weekend was extremely inspiring and energizing, but at the same time the atmosphere and presence brought exceptional peace. An excellently constructed whole and clear materials and assignments. Well-paced days and lots of concrete tips. ”

"With the help of personal coaching I have had an opportunity to pause within myself and at the same time, when there is a diverse gone through the essential aspects of life in areas that have laid the foundation for a healthy and prosperous life - habits that remain, such as a clear diet and unblocking of life as well as your own time. It all depends on you what will you get from the coaching and how much you are willing to give of yourself, after all we are a person. In this training, I got to be who I am. Personally, during the training, I changed in a direction I would not have imagined. Towards what I want to be and share with the people around me.”
" I can warmly recommend LovelyLife® Coach Training as well as LovelyLife® coaching to just about anyone who wants to achieve their own goals, make permanent lifestyle changes and embark on the well-being journey of their own lives. Thank you Alisa and the entire LovelyLife® team for the trust, warmth and joy of life you have shared with me a lot! It is wonderful that our cooperation will continue after my graduation."

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