1. Registrar 

LovelyLife Ltd – IhanaElo Oy
Runeberginkatu 60 A 23
00260 Helsinki, Finland


2. Register name

LovelyLife Coaching customer register

3. Purpose of the processing of personal data 

Personal data is used for customer communications, other customer relationship management, management and development, analysis and statistics. The customer data contained in the register may be used for direct registration, distance selling, other direct marketing or other similar addressed broadcasts by the registrar.

4. Information content of the register 

Name, age, address, email address and phone number.

Health and life status information such as allergies and illnesses.

Customer relationship information, such as billing and payment information, possible marketing consents, and marketing bans.

5. Regular sources of information

Personal data is collected from the data subject himself in connection with both registration for the services and use of the services. The basis of data processing is the customer relationship.

6. Regular disclosures

The data is only available to the registrar and the person who provided the data. The information is not regularly disclosed to third parties.

7. Data transfer outside the EU or the EEA

The online forms and associated database servers used to compile the information in the registry are located outside the EU in the United States.

8. Registry security principles

​The material is stored in electronic form only. The information is authenticated to systems that can only be accessed through password-protected applications.

9. Right of inspection

The person who provided his or her personal data has the right to inspect his or her own data. The information shall be provided electronically upon request by the registrar.

10. Right to request correction or deletion of information

​The person who provided his or her personal data has the right to demand the correction of the information related to his or her own data by notifying the registrar thereof.

10. Data retention period

The data is retained for about a year after the end of the customer relationship, after which the data is deleted.

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