LovelyLife Nordics project strengthened our role in promoting brain health

LovelyLife Nordics Tiina Mehto-Vaittinen and Alisa Yli-Villamo

The goal of the LovelyLife® Nordics project was to develop and strengthen LovelyLife Ltd’s (IhanaElo Oy) position, competitiveness and awareness as a Northern European operator and expert in promoting holistic wellbeing and pre-emptive brain health. In a key role, the project manager was Tiina Mehto-Vaittinen, Head of Wellbeing Design & Development, LovelyLife, who together with the company’s founder and CEO Alisa Yli-Villamo, believe that responsible work communities want to build sustainable workplaces that support brain health. The right steps for growth and internationalisation are found by listening to customer needs.

In the project, we focused on refining our concept, strengthening our network of partners, piloting our services and increasing our market knowledge in selected target markets. During the project, we clarified our strategy, brand communication and marketing. To support our visibility, we increased the visibility of our coaches and the company on our social media channels in line with the communication plan we built. Our newsletter subscribers, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram followers have steadily increased throughout the project.

In 2023, Personal Energize Your Brain Coaching was selected as the Wellbeing Achievement of the Year. We have been able to run a series of our Energize Your Brain Coaching Using Webinars for international organisations.

We used the development of this project to produce the Energize Your Brain campaign, which will run in 2024. To support the monthly themes, we conducted expert webinars with our partners, open to all. Finnish Brain Association, Wellbeing Factory, psychologist Nina Lyytinen, Firstbeat Technologies and the Finnish Coaching Association were among those involved. Our goal is to get 100 workplaces involved in the campaign.

Our service design also produced a new kind of Energize Your Brain Leadership Coaching programme, specifically targeting international management teams. In collaboration with Iloranta in Hauho in Finland, we have built a coaching package that increases resources and productivity, where LovelyLife’s executive coaching is complemented by a period of time spent in Iloranta. Our internationalisation is also supported by our partnership with Elämys DMC, which organises trips to Finland.

During the project, we strengthened sales success by setting up a sales team. By setting personal and collective goals and building a more systematic sales process, we supported the team in achieving sales success and growth. During the project, we have had the opportunity to coach in numerous Finnish and international organisations. The LovelyLife® team has worked with clients to find concrete solutions to support staff well-being and brain health.

The preparatory work for our National Brain Health Programme started in October 2021. We closely followed the preparatory work and have been determined to build our cooperation with Finnish Brain Association. Our aim is to continue the proactive work on brain health, which is important for society and the economy, and to build sustainable workplaces that support brain health in the future.

For more information on the project, contact Alisa Yli-Villamo, or +358 45 126 1100.


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