LovelyLife Nordics project supports growth

LovelyLife Nordics Tiina Mehto-Vaittinen and Alisa Yli-Villamo

The goal of the LovelyLife® Nordics project is to develop and strengthen LovelyLife Ltd’s (IhanaElo Oy) position, competitiveness and awareness as a Northern European operator and expert in promoting holistic well-being and pre-emptive brain health. The project will focus on refining our concept, strengthening our network of partners, piloting our services and increasing our market knowledge in selected target markets.

In a key role, the project manager is Tiina Mehto-Vaittinen, Head of Wellbeing Design and Development, LovelyLife Ltd. Together with the company’s founder and CEO Alisa Yli-Villamo, they believe that the right steps for growth and internationalisation can be found by listening to customer needs. Responsible organizatios want to build sustainable workplaces that support brain health. Together, we will find the actions to make this possible.

“I will be supporting LovelyLife Ltd’s visibility and our sales and development efforts by working on the LovelyLife® Nordics project. I hope that together with Alisa we will be able to further enable the successes of the whole team and of course find more and more organizations and individuals to benefit from holistic and brain health supporting wellbeing coaching.” – Tiina Mehto-Vaittinen

LovelyLife Nordics project team Tiina Mehto-Vaittinen and Alisa Yli-Villamo
Tiina Mehto-Vaittinen and Alisa Yli-Villamo

Follow the progress of our project on LinkedIn. We will share insights, networking, piloting our services and the creative possibilities of the project. It would be great to have your organization involved in our development work!

On LinkedIn in English LovelyLife

Also network with Alisa Yli-Villamo and Tiina Mehto-Vaittinen.


Be a pioneer - proactively support brain health

Together with the customers, LovelyLife® team has managed to find concrete solutions to support their personnel’s well-being and brain health. The solution is the Energize Your Brain Coaching.

Many Finnish customers have good experiences with LovelyLife® coaching. Now we are looking for international pilots to test the suitability and effectiveness of the Energize Your Brain Coaching in different environments.

Briefly about the pilot:

  • Energize Your Brain Coaching includes a personal Wellbeing Navigator survey for each participant and four personal coaching meetings in Finnish or English.
  • In the pilot group, we’ll have 8–12 participants from different parts of your organization, also geographically, primarily from the Nordic countries.
  • BONUS 1 for the pilot group: We offer joint start and end meetings for the group. In the meetings we share results, insights and experiences from the coaching.
  • BONUS 2 for the pilot group: In order to report on the effectiveness of the coaching, we add the Well-being Navigator follow-up survey at the end of the coaching. Each person being coached can see a change in their personal situation from their own report, and the group reporting tells us about the results achieved.
  • Investment 690 € + VAT 24 % /participant
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