Save The Brain

Boost your personnel’s brain health and support young people in need while also improving productivity. The impact of Energize Your Brain coaching is both human and economic. By supporting the success of your personnel, you improve the profitability of your business. At the same time, you show your social responsibility by supporting the youth in difficult circumstances in the Vamos work of the Deaconess Foundation.

Save the Brain Campaign structure

Coaching activates action

Energize Your Brain coaching motivates you to take pre-emptive brain health-enhancing little things that suits best to your own life. Choose the two areas that are most important to you. Together, we will find natural and meaningful ways forward for you. The coaching includes:

Energize Your Brain Coaching

The Vamos work of the Deaconess Foundation is effective. Every year, there are about 2000 young people involved in Vamos. More than half of those who complete the service get into learning pathways and jobs. The work is impressive.

According to a study by Itla 2021, the young people interviewed felt that the most influence mechanisms of Vamos were connected to personal encounters, unhurriedness, being accepted and cared for, and taking small steps forward. The most important thing in Energize Your Brain coaching is also an honest, genuine and respectful encounter. The support of a coach throughout the journey has been seen as important.

Sustainability is now on every company’s agenda and part of business. Genuinely responsible companies invest in measurable ways to make a positive impact on society. Vamos has already helped thousands of young people towards school and employment. LovelyLife has empowered working adults to take proactive care of their brain health. 

Save the Brain Campaign

Our Save the Brain campaign is a concrete way to move from words to action. You offer your personnel the opportunity to take part in the Energize Your Brain coaching and we commit to carry out the coaching together with the vulnerable young people in Vamos.

Pricing for the Save the Brain campaign

  • 10 participants + 1 young in Vamos € 6900 + VAT 24%
  • 20 participants + 2 young people in Vamos € 13800 + VAT 24%
  • 30 participants + 3 young people in Vamos € 20700 + VAT 24%.

You will receive an e-card to tell about your participation in the campaign. Our campaign period is 15.11.2022-30.6.2023.

Read more Save the Brain Campaign Brochure 

Pelasta aivot -kampanja in Finnish.

For more information on the campaign:

Alisa Yli-Villamo, LovelyLife Ltd (IhanaElo Oy), +358 45 126 1100,

Iiris Kivimäki, Corporate Cooperation, Helsinki Deaconess Foundation, +358 50 582 6396

Brain diseases costs in Finland are estimated at €11 billion per year. One in two women and one in three men over the age of 45 will develop a serious brain disease in the rest of their lives. (Brain Foundation 11/2022). Pre-emptive actions could help most of us.

Every 10. young people in Finland are at risk of becoming marginalised. Vamos is the Deaconess Institute’s service for young people outside education and working life. Vamos reduces the exclusion of young people aged 16-29 and helps them to integrate into society, education and work.

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