Our Coaching and Training Services

Where do we start to build your sustainable brain health workplace?

Leadership Coaching

In our coaching sessions, we combine leadership development with taking care of your own holistic wellbeing, especially your brain - taking into account your individual needs and desires. Our coaches help you see the deep connection between brain health, leadership, and business during an impactful process.

Energize Your Brain

The agile, personal Energize Your Brain Coaching has been selected as the Wellbeing Achievement of 2023. The coaching motivates proactive small actions that promote brain health and fit your life. The coaching is also suitable for the moments when concerns about your well-being have already been raised.

Supervisor Training

Our supervisor training strengthens the supervisor's own resources, helps sustain understanding encounters, deepens self-esteem and self-management skills. We tailor the training to your needs, gathering concrete tools to support your supervisor's work and sustainable brain health.

Well-Being Lectures

The series of lectures supporting brain health makes you pause to consider personal well-being and offers tools to process various themes in teams. Our most popular topics are the Basic Pillars of Brain Health, the Brain Needs Brains, and Brain Ergonomics.

Corporate Wellness Coach Training

Multi-professional support and skills are needed to tackle societal well-being challenges at workplaces. The corporate wellness coach training has been developed in a project to meet this challenge.

LovelyLife® Coach Training

Do you want to be well and work in accordance with your values in a way meaningful to you and the people you meet? Join the growing LovelyLife® team of wellness coaches.

LovelyLife® Coaching

Our well-being coaching includes a conceptual structure that supports you throughout the themes of eating, activity, sleep and recovery, and personal resources and strengths.

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