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Well-Being For Leaders

Healthy management encourages excellence in the work community. Stop to create a strong foundation for success. Your well-being affects the entire work community and enables quality decision-making and smart implementation.

Well-Being for Supervisors

To support the well-being of others  supervisors should have  tools to care for one's own well-being. In coaching, we combine personal guidance and teamwork to achieve common goals.

Well-Being for Teams

The joy, energy and solution-oriented attitude of work takes it forward and enables success. A positive and encouraging work atmosphere catches on and spreads within the team.

Well-Being For An Organization

Well-Being For An Organization creates a strong culture. In coaching, we support both individual performance and working together. We put together concrete tools to put directly into practice.

Energize Your Brain

Energize Your Brain Coaching motivates you to make pre-emptive brain health-enhancing small steps that suits best to your own life. Every step is important. Energize Your Brain Coaching is an agile way to get moving, the threshold is so low that it’s hard to even see.

In-House Wellness Coach

With personal coaching, we ensure, that each client gets to be genuinely seen and heard. An in-house wellness coach will become part of your work community. Pausing, and prioritizing your own well-being is more successful when someone breathes alongside for a while.

Wellness Mentor Training

A network of mentors activates staff for individual actions which support their well-being and success.

Well-Being Lectures

Well-Being Lectures evoke insights of the work community. LovelyLife® Well-Being Lectures focus on personal well-being and develop work ability management skills.

LovelyLife® Coach Training

Do you want to be able to do well and do work in accordance with your values that is relevant to you and the people you meet?  Join the growing LovelyLife® team of wellness coaches.

Content and structure of coaching

Our well-being coaching includes a conceptual structure that supports us through eating, activity, sleep and recovery, as well as our own resources and strengths.

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