Story of LovelyLife®

IhanaElo-ohjaaja Alisa Yli-Villamo
Founder of LovelyLife®
Alisa Yli-Villamo

Once upon a time, there was a little girl who enjoyed being active. She loved gymnastics. A tennis course with her mother had led to years of participating in various hobbies and eventually her baseball career culminated in striking down the knob off the flagpole by the sports field. Enthusiasm radiated all around, and the girl became the youngster guiding the smaller ones, and an active member of the youth super team, organizing the big baseball event.

Growing up, the girl found her way through her studies into the business world. As a supervisor and leader, she was a strong organizer, and a professional in finance and change management. The most important thing over the years was still a genuine encounter with each person she met. Honesty, love, and perseverance were present in those moments. The insight into the significance of well-being in achieving success was ignited early on.

The hobbies made the growing woman curious to study human resource management, sports medicine, nutrition, positive psychology, and coaching. All these topics supported her own resilience, leadership, and teamwork.

One day, a woman who had grown up, came to realize that life allows for big decisions. The dream, that each of us could feel a little better, needed more concrete actions. LovelyLife Ltd was founded in Finland, on the shores of Lake Saimaa, at the cottage table while staring at the waves.

LovelyLife® Team – Together We Are Stronger

Building LovelyLife ® Wellness Coaching and LovelyLife ® Wellness Coach Training brought together knowledge, skills, and experience.

At the core of the concept, are genuine encounters. Each of us wants to be seen and heard. We ourselves know best what is most important to our own well-being. Sometimes walking alongside another person and encouraging them to overcome difficulties, and make changes, can lead to miracles. Support and encouragement can help us get started, adopt new healthier routines into our lives, and just take the time to stop, and focus on our own well-being.

The structure and content of LovelyLife® coaching have been tested as part of a project to promote brain wellness, supported by the Finnish Work Environment Fund. The results were impressive. With your own everyday choices, you can significantly impact the well-being of your brain. You can eat to refresh your mind, relieve stress by exercising, and cherish sleep. Just add more things to your life that you enjoy and which are important to you.

By attending the LovelyLife® wellness coach training, you will join the LovelyLife® team. The team creates an opportunity to realize the wellness dream bigger – to meet more people, and provide individual support on the wellness journey. The LovelyLife® team includes a number of professionals in healthcare, social work, teaching, coaching, human resource management, finance, marketing, and leadership.

The values of LovelyLife ® training and coaching are love, honesty, authenticity, and respect.

The team’s enthusiasm is empowering, and curiosity amazes you every day. We want to make you stop and realize the enormous importance of well-being behind both, personal and economic success. The richness of our different backgrounds allows our customers to find a LovelyLife® Coach that is just right for their own needs.

Take good care of yourself with gentle perseverance. Remember to listen, and truly hear, how you are doing. You are unique and valuable just as you are. Finding well-being is a wonderful journey of exploration. Join us on this journey!

Wishing you a lovely life, Alisa Yli-Villamo

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