Well-Being For An Organization

A Well-Being Organization creates a strong culture. By enforcing well-being, we ensure the conditions for the continuation of work and success. Every member of the work community is valuable and responsible for their own actions.

In coaching, we support both individual performance and working together. Instead of theory, in meetings, we work with concrete exercises, which can be directly put into practice.

With workshops we enforce a positive work atmosphere, trust, and the power of working together. The organization learns to modify routines and working habits.

The Entire Work Community Benefits from Well-Being For An Organization Coaching

Well-Being For OrganizationBy enforcing well-being, we ensure the conditions for the continuation of work and success.

  • Pausing, and prioritizing your own well-being – when you are doing well, you can better support others in improving their well-being.
  • Through leading by example, personal well-being, as well as work community well-being, gradually become a central value for business operations.
  • Commitment and employer image are strengthened.
  • Insights, experiences, follow-up, and positive challenging, instill sustainable, health and well-being enhancing habits to everyday life, that suit your lifestyle.
  • Work quality and productivity of working time increase = less mistakes, focus on the correct issues, and acting smarter.
  • Personnel will be empowered to take care of their own well-being. Sick leaves, occupational healthcare costs, and work capacity risk will be reduced.


The content of LovelyLife® wellness coaching cover the basic pillars of well-being

Well-being for Leaders Coaching is a 8-10 months entity of Wellness lectures and workshops, personal LovelyLife®-Wellness Coaching for Supervisors, Kick-off meeting and final seminar for the work community. Together, we choose the wellness application that best meets your needs.

Topics of the personal wellness coaching: nutrition and weight management, exercise and daily activity, sleep and recovery and permissive attitude towards life. The most direct and effective way to promote an individual’s overall well-being is to get everyday lifestyles to support coping. The topics of group meetings are chosen according to your needs and processed through your own examples.

The framework of the Personal LovelyLife®-Wellness Coaching for Supervisors:

  • A personal initial survey and a kick-off meeting with the Coach 50 minutes
  • 3 personal follow-up meetings 50 minutes / time with your own coach once a month. The framework of LovelyLife® Wellness Coaching, which includes the foundation of well-being:
      • eating
      • exercise and activity,
      • sleep and recovery, as well as
      • Permissive attitude towards life – along with self-compassion, strengths, resources, and personal relationships.
  • Four group meetings 3 hours / time to share experiences and put together a toolkit to support the work community once a month
  • Building a personal continuation plan, meeting 50 minutes
  • Verifying the effectivity of the coaching, and the life changes made, with a follow-up group meeting after 6 and 12 months.


The price of The Well-Being For An Organization Coaching

  • Together we will find the best solution for you!
  • The pricing of our offer is based on the number of participants and appointments in the coaching.
  • Please call us to make an appointment: +358 45 126 1100 / Alisa.

* Personal coaching is carried out at a designated office so that 3-6 trainees are met on the same day. Alternatively, the coaching is carried out remotely.

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