Well-Being For Leaders

A Well-Being Leader Is the Key to Your Success. Management is at the core of your success, competitiveness, and culture creation. The most direct and efficient way to promote brain and holistic wellness of an individual is to get the everyday living habits to support health. In coaching, we focus what is most important to the leader today.

Well-being for Leaders Coaching is a six-month entity :

  • A personal Wellbeing Navigator to better understand your starting situation and get to know your own natural style.
  • Kick-off meeting with the LovelyLife® Coach.
  • 8 follow-up meetings 1.5 hours / time with your LovelyLife® Coach. The framework of the meetings is LovelyLife® wellness coaching, which includes the foundation of well-being:
    • eating
    • exercise and activity,
    • sleep and recovery, as well as
    • permissive attitude towards life – along with self-compassion, strengths, resources, and personal relationships.
  • Firstbeat Life service to help you to find a balance between stress and recovery.

A follow-up meeting three months after the end of the coaching period:

  • Verifying the effectivity of the coaching, and the life changes made, with a follow-up Wellbeing Navigator.
  • Building a personal continuation plan, meeting 1,5 hours.


The price of The Well-Being For Leaders Coaching

We build the training together, listening to your needs and wishes. You will thus receive an individual offer.

CEO Janne Vainio shares his and his management teams’ experiences of Well-being for Leaders Coaching in Customer Story of Vitec AcutePlease read also Product Development Director Toni Poikela’s thoughts from Customer Story of Vitec Tietomitta.


A Well-Being Leader is at the core of your success, competitiveness, and culture creation

Coaching For Management Group

Holistically healthy leaders can direct an organization towards great success: Lay a solid foundation for an organizational culture, which radiates life, and values the well-being of every individual! Enable stunning results for individuals, teams, work communities, clients, networks, and the whole society!

  • Pausing, and prioritizing your own well-being – when you are doing well, you can better support others in improving their well-being.
  • Through leading by example, personal well-being, as well as work community well-being, gradually become a central value for business operations.
  • Commitment and employer image are strengthened.
  • Insights, experiences, follow-up, and positive challenging, instill sustainable, health and well-being enhancing habits to everyday life, that suit your lifestyle.
  • Thoughts are clarified, the quality of effectivity and decision making improves – instead of fumbling around, be present in the here and now.
  • Less sick leave absences: The direct cost of one sick day of a management team member is at least 1 500 eur – indirect costs are significantly larger! Save unnecessary recruitment costs: Recruitment of one management team member costs tens of thousands of euros – commit and take care care of key employees!

"The coaching exceeded my already high expectations many times over: I didn’t know the coach before. The coach’s ability to listen was incredibly precise. I didn’t expect anything so powerful. "


"My experience of the coaching was excellent, energizing, and truly pivotal! Perfect presence, excellent preparation, and meticulous consideration brought up just what I now needed. I also thought, that the creation of space, flexibility, and sensitivity during coaching situations was wonderful. I have never before experienced such perfect concentration on my situation alone!"

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