Well-Being For Supervisors

A Well-Being Supervisor Is the Key to Your Success. Management is at the core of your success, competitiveness, and culture creation. A positive and encouraging work atmosphere catches on and spreads within the team.

Well-Being for Supervisors Coaching lays a solid foundation for an organizational culture, which radiates life, and values the well-being of every individual! Coaching uniquely combines personal guidance and teamwork to achieve common goals.

Supervisor coaching offers new skills in modifying routines, giving up old ones, and building something new. Pausing, and genuine encounters, in the face of a demanding job, help with prioritizing one’s own capacity. These skills have a direct impact on interpersonal relationships and interaction.

The Entire Work Community Benefits from Well-Being for Supervisors Coaching

Well-being for Supervisors

Through leading by example, personal well-being, as well as work community well-being, gradually become a central value for business operations. With the supervisors’ own experiences, a corporate culture that values well-being and the basis for everyday work is gradually created:

  • Pausing, and prioritizing your own well-being – when you are doing well, you can better support others in improving their well-being.
  • Through leading by example, personal well-being, as well as work community well-being, gradually become a central value for business operations.
  • activates occupational health support alongside individual, self-sustaining measures
  • Commitment and employer image are strengthened.
  • Insights, experiences, follow-up, and positive challenging, instill sustainable, health and well-being enhancing habits to everyday life, that suit your lifestyle.
  • as a result of teamwork, a toolkit is created to support supervisors
  • Less sick leave absences: The direct cost of one sick day of a management team member is at least 1 500 eur – indirect costs are significantly larger! Save unnecessary recruitment costs: Recruitment of one management team member costs tens of thousands of euros – commit and take care care of key employees!


The content of LovelyLife® wellness coaching cover the basic pillars of well-being

The most direct and effective way to promote an individual’s overall well-being is to get everyday lifestyles to support coping. Topics of the personal wellness coaching: nutrition and weight management, exercise and daily activity, sleep and recovery and permissive attitude towards life.

In addition to personal coaching, supervisors reflect on their well-being journey together and build a common toolkit based on experience.

Well-being for supervisors coaching structure

Well-being for Supervisors Coaching is a nine-month entity:

  • A personal Wellbeing Navigator to better understand your starting situation and get to know your own natural style.
  • Kick-off meeting with the Coach.
  • 8 personal follow-up meetings 50 minutes / time with your own coach twice a month.
  • The framework of LovelyLife® Wellness Coaching, which includes the foundation of well-being:
    • eating
    • exercise and activity,
    • sleep and recovery, as well as
    • permissive attitude towards life – along with self-compassion, strengths, resources, and personal relationships.
  • Three group meetings 2,5 hours / time alongside a theme that appeals to your organization
  • Three self-directed small group meetings 1-1.5 hours according to the instructions received in the group meeting to develop experiences and develop one’s own supervisor work
  • LovelyLife® wellness coaching online course and follow-up form to support independent work
  • Finally we build a personal continuation plan.

A personal follow-up meeting 2-3 months after the end of the coaching period:

  • Verifying the effectivity of the coaching, and the life changes made, with a follow-up Wellbeing Navigator.
  • Building a personal continuation plan, meeting 50 minutes.

* Personal coaching is carried out at a designated office so that 3-6 trainees are met on the same day. Alternatively, the coaching is carried out remotely.


The price of The Well-Being For Supervisors Coaching

  • Your investment in the well-being of your management and work community 2 550€ + VAT/participant
  • The minimum number of participants is seven people

You can complete the coaching package if you wish with Firstbeat Life. It supports motivation, understanding and acts as concrete measure of effectiveness.

"I was hoping for change, but I was very skeptical if I could do it. The surprise was great when the coaching allowed me to experience success right from the start, which encouraged me to move forward. It also mattered that there were others on the journey at the same time."


"Pausing and listening to my own body and mind, hasn't fit into my day's program before. Now I realize how important it is to take care of my own endurance as well. Life already feels better and the journey of well-being is just beginning."

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