Well-Being Lectures

Well-Being Lectures evoke insights of the work community. LovelyLife® Well-Being Lectures focus on personal well-being and develop work ability management skills.

Factual information is readily available today, but many need encouragement and discussion to achieve well-being. Our lectures encourage you to turn your focus on your own well-being and be present in the here and now. 

Well-Being Lectures

Through lectures and concrete practical exercises, we will increase your personnel’s:

  • ability to pause, hear and see,
  • self-management and interaction skills,
  • decision-making and concentration,
  • and the ability to question existing routines and build new sustainable operating models

During lectures, we focus on one topic at a time: eating, exercise and activity, sleep and recovery, as well as permissive attitude towards life. The last topic delves into personal resources, strengths, and the importance of interaction.


Lecture series combined with small group work

We implement a series of lectures combined with small group work:

  • a series of four lectures and small group work
  • implementation 1.5 hours / time, via video call
  • the content consists of an introduction to the topic, concrete guided exercises, and small group work
  • the goal is to find insights and approaches for each participant to put directly into practice
  • Your investment in the well-being of your management and work community is 4 900€ + VAT


Strengthening Brain Wellness Workshops

Workshops strengthening brain wellness lay a solid foundation for the topic. Themes for our workshops are:

  1. Healthy eating for the brain – energy for living 

  2. Brains love exercise – seeking motivation and commitment

  3. Sleeping is made for the brain – finding time for recovery

  4. Resources and strengths – allowing life

One Strengthening Brain Wellness- Workshop takes 45 minutes, including introduction and exercises focused on stopping to examine our own well-being. Workshops are carried out through online tools at mutually agreed times.

Your investment in brain wellness:

  • One Strengthening Brain Wellness Workshop 650 € + VAT
  • A series of four workshops in total 2 450 € + VAT

Download the presentation in here: Strengthening Brain Wellness Workshops

"The enthusiasm of the lecturer about the subject also got me excited"
Although the topic was familiar, I got a lot of new tips. They are easily applied to my own habits and actions."
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