The structure and framework of LovelyLife® Wellness Coaching

Wellness coaching supports your journey towards better well-being in steps that suit you. We will truly encounter you as yourself.

We will move forward at your pace, leveraging your strengths. We get the best results through your own insights generated during coaching.

You will find the most suitable LovelyLife® wellness coach for you from our LovelyLife® team and, if you wish, we will help you with your selection.

Wellness coaching focus on the basics

Lifestyles and everyday choices are important and form the basis of well-being. The LovelyLife® coaching includes four basic pillars of well-being:

  • eating
  • exercise and activity,
  • sleep and recovery, as well as
  • a permissive attitude towards life – along with self-compassion, strengths, resources, and personal relationships.

The well-being of mind and body are closely intertwined. Balance is found through awareness, experimentation, and life. The framework for LovelyLife® coaching consists of scientifically researched information, generally accepted nutritional recommendations, and positive psychology. We implement coaching using cognitive behavioral theory and a solution-focused approach.

Coaching develops your skills holistically

It is difficult to assess one’s own activities in the hustle and bustle of everyday life and one is easily blinded by daily choices. The coach acts as a mirror on your journey to better well-being and helps you spot things that need change.

Your skills will improve in many different areas:

  • Modifying routines – giving up the old and building new ones
  • Pausing and listening to both yourself and others so you can see what is essential
  • Self-management and self-knowledge
  • Interaction and interpersonal relationships


LovelyLife® Wellness Coaching (4 months)

IhanaElo hyvinvointivalmennus ja -koulutukset

LovelyLife® Wellness Coaching is built just for you who want lasting change and a more lovely life. You will get your very own supporter from your coach to make sure you succeed this time!

The coaching lasts 16 weeks, or about four months.

Get to know our LovelyLife® team and find the most suitable incentive for you at the moment.

Your coaching towards a Lovely Life includes:

  • Personal initial assessment and appointment
  • LovelyLife® Wellness Coaching Online Course:
    • Topics of the LovelyLife® Wellness Lectures: nutrition and weight management, exercise and daily activity, sleep and recovery and permissive attitude towards life.
    • 16-week assignments to support your wellness journey
    • Tips for finding your lovely life
  • For your daily use, a tracking sheet to track your progress and tasks
  • Personal follow-up meetings with your own coach twice a month.

This is a unique opportunity to make your life lovely! The coming months can change your life. Embark on a journey with an open mind and turn your focus towards your own well-being!

Are You Interested? Contact the LovelyLife® team or share your contact information and we will be back soon.

LovelyLife® Wellness Coaching available also in Finnish.

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