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Our coaching is based on scientifically researched information and has been measured to be effective.

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Where do we start to build your sustainable brain health workplace?

Lectures and workshops to support brain health

Lecture series and workshops with a coaching approach will evoke insights and activate actions that support wellbeing and brain health. They are suitable for the whole organisation as well as for teams in need of sparring. Find out more about our themes and ask about the options.

Personal Energize Your Brain Coaching

The agile, personal Energize Your Brain Coaching has been selected as the Wellbeing Achievement of 2023. The coaching motivates proactive small actions that promote brain health and fit your life. The coaching is also suitable for the moments when concerns about your well-being have already been raised.

Our target is to promote the brain health of working-age people. Our coaching and training takes into account the impact objectives of the Finnish National Brain Health Program at all organisational levels. The Brains Need Brains theme strengthens community spirit, and brain ergonomics helps to find more brain-friendly ways of living and working. The Basic Pillars of Brain Health remind us of the importance of eating, exercising, recovering and especially getting enough sleep to promote brain health. 

Our services raise awareness of the importance of brain health and encourage concrete actions that everyone can take to improve their own and their workplace’s brain health.


How To Energize Your Brain by Eating?

We will discuss brain-healthy eating and how to make it happen in your everyday life. Join our webinar in Zoom on Thursday 29.8.2024 at 14:00-14:45 Finnish time (UTC+2)

Tiina Hoffman Firstbeat

Recover - and Energize Your Brain

The main time for recovery is during sleep but good sleep is built during the day. Join our webinar in Zoom on Tuesday 22.10.2024 at 14:00-14:45 Finnish time (UTC+2).

LovelyLife Nordics Tiina Mehto-Vaittinen ja Alisa Yli-Villamo

LovelyLife Nordics project has supported brain health

Responsible workplaces want to build sustainable workplaces that support brain health. Together, we will find the measures to make this possible.

"Proactive support for brain health is essential for the quality and accountability of our work. We are constantly taking steps to promote brain well-being. We hope that more and more workplaces will find ways to encourage staff, individually and collectively, to take concrete action to improve their own well-being."
Marianne Nevalainen Otavamedia HR
Marianne Nevalainen, HRD Manager, Otavamedia Oy

"The project to support brain well-being enabled us to find new ways to increase the well-being of our staff. Our culture of development and piloting provided a strong foundation for experimentation. The brain mapping, which tells about the brain and its resources, evoked interest even in those who rarely utilize services that support well-being."

Sylvia Hyry Fira
Sylvia Hyry, HR Manager, Fira Group Oy