Effective Well-Being

Wellness Coaching is based on scientifically researched information

and has been measured effective.

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We strengthen the resources and skills of the holistic and brain well-being individually - all our services available also remotely!

With the LovelyLife® wellness coach training, you deepen the relevance of your work.

Well-Being For Teams

The joy, energy and solution-oriented attitude of work takes it forward and enables success. A positive and encouraging work atmosphere catches on and spreads within the team.

Energize Your Brain

Energize Your Brain Coaching motivates you to make pre-emptive brain health-enhancing small steps that suits best to your own life. Every step is important. Energize Your Brain Coaching is an agile way to get moving, the threshold is so low that it’s hard to even see.

LovelyLife® Coach Training

Do you want to be able to do well and do work in accordance with your values that is relevant to you and the people you meet?  Join the growing LovelyLife® team of wellness coaches.

Save the Brain Campaign

“In addition to eating, moving, sleeping, recovering, our own resources and strengths, we have also received sparring to develop our business. Alisa's long personal experience in leadership and business strengthens the connection between well-being, leadership and business through our meetings.

We can warmly recommend LovelyLife® wellness coaching to everyone. "

Janne Vainio, President and CEO Vitec Acute Oy

"The project to support brain well-being enabled us to find new ways to increase the well-being of our staff. Our culture of development and piloting provided a strong foundation for experimentation. The BrainID®-mapping, which tells about the brain and its resources, evoked interest even in those who rarely utilize services that support well-being."

Sylvia Hyry Fira
Sylvia Hyry, HR Manager, Fira Group Oy
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