Get Involved In The Energize Your Brain Year 2024!

A healthy brain ensures efficiency and productivity at work. As individuals and as work communities, we have the opportunity to take concrete everyday actions to keep our brains healthy. Only together can we build sustainable working environments that support brain health and turn concerns into opportunities.

Why Get Involved In The Energize Your Brain Year?

The Energize Your Brain Year offers a unique opportunity to develop your workplace to support brain health and well-being, both for individuals and organisations:

  • A healthy brain is more focused, more productive, more creative and makes better decisions.
  • Investing in brain health reduces sick leave and supports employees’ well-being.
  • A workplace that supports brain health builds commitment, attracts talent and creates a competitive advantage.

Energize Your Brain Calendar

How Can You Get Involved In The Energize Your Brain Year 2024?

  • Challenge your colleagues to take part in small everyday actions to support their brain health and share the actions and events you are taking. during 2024. Sharing successes is good exercise for our brains. We train our brains to see the good around us, rather than the threat. Sharing successes reinforces a sense of control, achievement and community.
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  • Download and print the Energize Your Brain Year Calendar on your wall. 

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We are ready to get excited with you!

Let’s make this a tremendous year, with both human and economic impacts – for individuals, work communities and our society.

Workplaces participating in the Energize Your Brain Year
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Want To Make Sure You Get Your Brain Energized?

Book a free sparring workshop to build your own Energize Your Brain Year: or +358 45 126 1100.

Order a kick-off to your Energize Your Brain Year 2024! We’ll run a series of lectures or workshops with you and gently nudge individuals and teams into action. Are You Interested? Download here the brochure of our Energize Your Brain Coaching Using Webinars.

It’s great that you decided to get involved and show your social responsibility. Good luck and curiosity for your Energize Your Brain Year!

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