Wellness Mentor Training

By enforcing well-being, we ensure the conditions for the continuation of work and success. Wellness mentors build a network that, along with occupational healthcare, supervisors and human resources activates staff to take individual measures which support their own resources.

Wellness mentor training strengthens knowledge capital, which provides ways to meet the challenges of coping in everyday life. Wellness mentors help to support the well-being and working capacity of staff even more proactively.

The Network of Wellness Mentors Supports the Entire Work Community

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Well-being is the key to your success. Objectives and benefits of the training are:

  • Pausing and making your personal well-being a top priority – when you feel good about yourself, you can better support others.
  • Through the power of example, individual well-being, and at the same time, the well-being of the entire work community, gradually becomes a key value for the organization.
  • activates staff for individual actions which support their well-being
  • Commitment to the company and employer brand is strengthened.
  • Insights, experiences, follow-up, and positive challenging, instill sustainable, health and well-being enhancing habits to everyday life.
  • Sick leaves, occupational healthcare and recruitement costs, and work capacity risk will be reduced. Benefit is tens, or even hundreds, of thousands of euros annually!


We Select Workshops To Meet Your Needs

We involve the entire organization by having the kick-off and final seminar together. HR-workshops ensure that the training is corresponding to your needs and that the operating models learned are embedded to everyday life. In the wellness mentor workshops, we assemble, and experiment with, together the tools and methods which mentors will use in the future to promote well-being.

If you wish, we offer support with the service design of the services provided by wellness mentors, and with the exchange of information, experience, and know-how between different organizations. The network of wellness mentors works best across organizational borders.

Structure of Wellness Mentor Training

Wellness mentor training includes 6-10 workshops and mentors’ personal wellness steps:

  • The training always includes the following four workshops:
    • I as a wellness mentor
    • Our well-being services and roles
    • Basic psychological needs and interaction
    • My strengths and resources
  • In addition, you can choose from 2-6 workshops on the tray in the brochure, the themes of which are important to you.
  • We can also carry out workshops as additional training days outside the actual training package.


The Price of The Wellness Mentor Training

  • your investment in the well-being of your staff from 2 500€ + VAT/participant
  • group size 8-12

Are You Interested? Download presentation here: Welness Mentor Training

Also read the customer story about the experiences of the Bilot in The Network of Wellness Mentors- project supported by the the Finnish Work Environment Fund. The wellness mentor training has been built on the results of the project.

"We have learnt to focus on well-being also during the work hours."
"Bilot Wellness Mentors network is very important to the organization. We need time reserved for the mentoring work also in the future."
"We have collected tools to promote well-being and especially communication."
The experiences of the Bilot Wellness Mentors